Market Buzz is a consultancy, providing strategic PR and communications support to existing and start-up small to medium enterprises operating in the Middle East.

Serving as the outsourced communications partner for these enterprises, Market Buzz combines its own expertise and resources with the outsourced strengths of experienced freelance executives, providing its clients access to a wide network of industry professionals.The company’s core strengths are:

  • Innovative: no pre-conceived ideas in PR or marketing: Working with smaller clients and budgets means Market Buzz needs to be more innovative and creative with its ideas – making each marketing and PR dollar count
  • Focus: MBI’s forte is IT. The team works closely with the key IT journalists in the Middle East and understands the way
  • Passion: the team works with a passion for its clients – going beyond its contractual obligations to ensure that the clients get all the support they need to get the job done
  • Flexibility: decision-making process is faster and more effective especially in a crisis
  • Personal: dedicated personalised attention to each client
  • Cost Effectiveness: using outsourced freelance expertise only when its needed reducing overheads and enabling the team to work within very restricted budgets
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