David Eager, Vice President of Global Alliances at IFS
David Eager, Vice President of Global Alliances at IFS

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that it has worked with IFS Partner Network member, ClickLearn, to extend the training and e-learning solutions available to customers with the launch of integrated real-time assistants and instructions. This offers customers who are using IFS Applications or IFS Field Service Management real-time support and is part of IFS’s commitment to providing customers with the best support in the industry. This new development is a complement to the expanding catalogue of training and certifications provided through the IFS Academy.

The new solution allows IFS customers to easily record any of their business processes inside IFS solutions, and produce seven different formats of work instructions and live assistants in more than 40 languages. The instructions and assistants provide real-time guidance using video and/or text format, which reduces the support time needed and enables more effective implementations and usage of the IFS solutions.

IFS and ClickLearn have over 50 joint customers that already enjoy the benefits of the e-learning and training software products for IFS solutions.

“Offering our customers to use this integrated training and e-learning platform extends the value and ROI they realize from IFS solutions.The real-time assistants and instructions developed by our Platinum Partner, ClickLearn, have proved highly successful in increasing implementation efficiencies” said David Eager, Vice President of Global Alliances at IFS.

“The partnership between IFS and ClickLearn is very important for our market position, and underlines that ClickLearn is the training and e-learning solution for IFS Applications and IFS Field Service Management. The agreement is a clear statement of ClickLearn’s continuous support for IFS’s suite of products, and dedication to the IFS Partner Network” said George Hardy, Vice President, Enterprise Sales at ClickLearn.

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