Gitex – its a word that conjures up excitement, dread and sometimes sheer panic. What is amazing (to me of course) is that companies don’t prepare or plan their communications strategies well in advance. I had done a similar post a couple of years ago and thought it would be useful to do another update this time around.

Here are some communications tips and ideas that you can use (especially if you don’t have an agency or dedicated PR person to drive it).

  • Prepare your Gitex message NOW: While mainstream and business media are just not ready to talk about Gitex, the tech media are.  So if you have spent money booking your stand, get a quick update ready on why you’re at Gitex and who you want to meet. Send it to the tech media so that the messages can be included well BEFORE the event and can be included FREE with the Gitex previews, usually emailed to their entire database of visitors to previous shows. The information can be just very basic: Who you are, what you offer, why you are at Gitex, have you been there before and what does it mean to be there. Of course don’t forget stand details. You can even post these in your profile on the online Gitex website – there is a segment and option for having your press releases posted there.
  • Information access: Make it easy for editors and reporters as well as potential partners/customers to use and access your information before they come to Gitex. Make sure its digital. Make sure there is information about your company, the key spokesperson, any news items and photographs, information about your participation, perhaps even easy access to spokespersons at the stand. Make it available across all medium. The message needs to be as open as possible to allow for greater interaction. Regular communication and timely updates via emails, social media and online ads, will ensure a high level of reaction and thereby building potential visitor interest.
  • Manage your expectations: During Gitex, the editors are swamped. The Gitex dailies are more interested in getting real news stuff to cover so your little product launch will get lost in the noise that is Gitex unless you are a huge name in the business or your technology is earth-shattering. Get real with your expectations. Do something gimmicky to get their attention.

Of course (sorry, cannot resist the plug) we could help you. If you are interested, drop us a line here.

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