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Sims Recycling Solutions FZE (SRS FZE) has been nominated in the Waste Management category for the 2013 Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) 2013 Later Stage Award. The nomination is for its focus on providing Compliant Solutions to manage the End of Life of Electrical & Electronic Products in the Middle East Region. SRS FZE is a part of a pool of over 160 nominees worldwide at the award.

The annual awards recognize innovative mid to late-stage cleantech companies around the world who are thriving in the new green economy and show great potential for growth. Winning companies will be announced at the Corporate Cleantech Venture Day on November 20th, 2013 in Lahti, Finland.

Philip Hughes, Managing Director SRS FZE, said, “We are very proud to have been recognised and nominated for this award. Over the past year, we have worked hard to help educate the technology sector and the enterprises that use it to responsibly build and manage End-of-Life systems that ensure that all electronic and electrical equipment are disposed in an environmentally-friendly manner.”

“What differentiates the annual Later Stage Awards is the platform it provides for new technologies to grow,” noted Shawn Lesser Co-Founder of Watershed Capital Group and the GCCA. “Through these awards we help support innovators in the cleantech industry, who are developing their local green economies, by putting them in front of a global audience.”

The Top 30 will then be evaluated by over 30 venture capital and cleantech judges who select the winners for the Later Stage Award. With more than $3.5 billion invested in clean technology, the GCCA Judges are devoted to later stage companies who have a proven track record in their home market and have the potential for international growth. They include Generation’s Climate Solutions Fund, The Rockefeller Foundation, Dow Venture Capital, BASF Venture Capital and more.

The Best in Class winners will be announced at the Corporate Cleantech Venture Day on November 20th at Sibelius Hall in Lahti, Finland. This event aims to act as a meeting place for cleantech companies looking for investors and corporate partnerships. The full list of 2013 Later Stage Award Nominations can be found here.
More details on the awards and organisers can be found here:
GCCA – www.globalcleantech.org
GCCA Nominees- www.globalcleantech.org/2013-later-stage-award-nominees.
GCCA Judges – http://www.globalcleantech.org/awards/judges/

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