Amanie Advisors North Africa Signed MOU with Libyan Stock Market in the area of Islamic Finance

In furtherance of Libya’s effort at expanding the role of Islamic Finance in its economy, representatives of the Libyan Stock Market have signed a multi-faceted Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the global Shariah advisory firm, Amanie Advisors. The comprehensive MOU sets-out a clear roadmap in the area of research into the areas of growth for […]

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Merlin Digital launches world’s first 3D Pocket Projector to UAE

The device will allow customers to create the ultimate cinema experience in their homes, with High Definition 3D projections up to 115 inches. The compact device is also ideal for work presentations and meetings. Merlin’s 3D Pocket Projector connects directly to various devices through HDMI, providing crisp, clear projections. The Pocket Projector is also equipped […]

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