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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 10, 2013 – NEC Display Solutions Europe and DisplayNote, provider of interactive software solutions to integrate PCs, tablet devices and projectors, have expanded their partnership to include the US and Asia, making it a truly global venture.


DisplayNote, which allows for the easy sharing content across multiple devices and platforms, has been working with NEC in EMEA for over a year. To date the partnership has focused exclusively on the European education sector. As well as expanding geographically, the companies are now jointly developing deeper integration with the NEC product ranges as well as to highlight new software features to enable easier collaboration for a corporate office audience. This includes a robust voting system and session recording for sharing and review as well as integration with Microsoft Office and support for various cloud services.


“Over the course of our partnership with DisplayNote we have seen the power and potential of the software grow over time. Our initial pilot projects and research revealed that schools and offices alike are now heterogeneous hardware landscapes, meaning people want to work from whatever device suits them best,” said ,” said Ian Gobey, General Manager for Middle East & Africa at NEC Display Solutions. “We are excited to be expanding this partnership in every sense. The deeper integration with NEC projectors and displays will make it even easier to use, while the expansion in geography and feature set will make it a compelling proposition for businesses and learning organisations across the globe.”


The software allows content to be shared and presented amongst participants and lets them interact in a creative and convenient way. It works across a large range of platforms (Windows, MAC, Android and iOS). Presenters can use a traditional laptop or desktop computer, ideally connected to an interactive projector or large format touch screen. In addition they can also deliver their presentation from a tablet allowing them maximum freedom while still controlling their host device. The integrated whiteboard tools allow annotation over any kind of media, software and content. Participants can add individual notes as well as share their content with the other participants. This allows for more collaborative working and with the new integrated voting, decisions can be made easily and on the spot.


“Our partnership with NEC Display Solutions enables a new wave of multi-user collaboration, one that enhances interaction and convenience. Through our software we are striving to create a system that enables presenters and teachers to be empowered and dynamic. Users can easily share the resources they have created while allowing meeting participants and students to be more involved and take away what they need,” commented Eddie Morgan, Head of Marketing at DisplayNote. “We feel that this solution will not only improve learning outcomes but improve the whole learning experience as well as foster new levels of collaborative working.”


A built-in messaging function allows the presenter to send private messages to individuals as well as to groups. Presenters can also share and distribute documents so that participants leave the meeting equipped with materials that can be viewed on their own device at any time. Similarly, the new recording function means that it is easy to share the results of the presentation with attendees and absentees in a number of formats.


Future capabilities include the ability to hand control over to different participants, as well as integrated control of NEC wide-format displays and integrated wireless connectivity to NEC projectors.

NEC will offer a free DisplayNote Presenter licence with a large number of NEC projectors and large format displays.

To learn more about the collaborative solution as well as the free DisplayNote Presenter licence, please visit:

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