Corp_ALU_logo_2012Alcatel-Lucent is introducing new products that enable enterprises to accommodate a more mobile workforce. These products address requirements for a better user experience accessing real-time applications anytime, anyplace – on the corporate network, at a branch office or from the cloud.

Today’s employee-driven mobility requirements present a challenge matched by IT’s need to reduce operational and capital expenditures. Together, these are driving the deployment of virtualization technology throughout the entire network, including the enterprise data center, and require the automation of many IT workflows.

With these new products — the OmniSwitch 6450L, OmniAccess WLAN 4×50 controllers and a new range of Remote and Branch Access Points, and the OmniSwitch 6900 10GBaseT — Alcatel-Lucent is meeting new IT and mobile worker needs by extending the reach of its Application Fluent Network (AFN) capabilities to the branch office and reduces the cost of entry for application fluency to the corporate LAN and data center. An AFN network is capable of automatically tuning its performance to the application in use.

These new solutions provide many benefits to enterprises for both the users and the IT team.  End users benefit from a high quality user experience and from access to their applications from any location, which now includes the branch office.  The enterprise IT team benefits from reduced capital costs, simplified operations and being able to keep pace with the rapid and dynamic performance tuning required by mobile and virtualized applications.

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