KS Parag, MD, FVC, takes over as President TiE Dubai
KS Parag, MD, FVC, takes over as President TiE Dubai

FVC has announced that it is to be the official distributor of Revolabs, a provider of wireless audio solutions for unified communications. Commenting on the announcement, K. S. Parag, Managing Director of FVC, said, “We are extremely pleased to include Revolabs as one of our partners. With its cutting-edge wireless audio solutions, Revolabs will help our partners enhance FVC’s Unified Communications offerings to their customers.”

Revolabs, while providing wireless audio solutions for unified communications, also offers wireless conferencing and microphone systems that are utilized for a variety of applications, including webcasts and video conferencing to podcasts and broadcasting. Revolabs systems are known for their security, environmentally friendly credentials and are also GSM-impervious.

Roshan Gupta, Regional Director for India & Middle East for Revolabs, also sees the vast potential of such a partnership. “Partnering with FVC is a natural fit for Revolabs. With FVC, a Unified Communications and Video Specialist distributor, Revolabs is able to offer its customers a single-source, value-added partner for all their voice, video and data needs. With this agreement, we also hope to increase our reach and penetration into vertical sectors like oil & gas, telecoms, government, healthcare, banking and finance throughout the MENA region and grow our mutual businesses significantly.”

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