No Mayan apocalypse, just social PR trends

Found this great post on the PR Coach web site. While a lot of it is not rocket science, I like the carefully guided notes on the various trends. Below is an extract:

Our profession has already become a social business. In his New Year’s message, Toronto PR agency CEO Joe Thornley says we must be prepared to reinvent ourselves constantly. He reflects on the changes at his agency:“Today, only about half of Thornley Fallis’ revenues are from what would have been considered traditional public relations services. The other half? Video production, public engagement, content marketing, design and development.”

Thornley adds:“You’ve probably noticed the absence of social media from that list. Where’s social? Integrated across everything we do. What was hot a few years ago has become simply the common entry fee.”

This is the year that PR people will prove their value by helping their organizations or clients evolved into social businesses.

Read the full post on the PR Coach web site.

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