Found this excellent article on Raglan’s PR Daily that I think is worth sharing with everyone. Here is an extract and introduction but worth going to the web site for the full article.

Measurement may be the hottest topic in social media, with everyone trying to figure out how all those tweets and Facebook updates affect the bottom line, but execution remains problematic.

The majority of those responsible for juggling social media aren’t entirely happy with measurement and monitoring, a Ragan/NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions survey reveals. (Download the survey’s findings here).

Some 69 percent are dissatisfied or only “somewhat satisfied” with how they measure all that work posting on Pinterest and soothing Facebook flamers. Only 31 percent are “satisfied” or “very satisfied,” and many say they lack the time to track such data or are generally uncertain about metrics.

“I’m not sure what to measure or how,” one survey participant wrote. “I know it’s important, but I can’t show my boss how many retweets a post received and expect him to care.”

“That doesn’t surprise me at all,” Shel Holtz, of Holtz Communication + Technology, says of the overall gloomy tone. “It’s disheartening, but it doesn’t surprise me.”

The online survey drew 2,714 participants, ranging from small firms that have a single staffer handling social media on top of other duties, to a corporation with a global team of 20. The survey was also open to government agencies and nonprofits.

Read the full post on Raglan’s PR Daily.

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