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Every culture has myths, and the world of social media is no exception.

While social media’s return on investment (ROI) itself isn’t a legend, many myths surround it. To help dispel some of them, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association offers this infographic.

Here are the myths to steer clear of:

Myth 1: Measuring likes and follows equals ROI.

Not true. Instead of focusing on “activity metrics,” pay attention to actions that provide value, such as increased revenue or a change in how people perceive your brand.

Myth 2: You can determine social media’s ROI the same way you would for traditional media, like TV.

No way. Social media amplifies messages in ways traditional media does not.

Myth 3: You should measure social media independently of other channels.

Nope. Measure social media along with your traditional efforts, or you won’t see how they influence each other.

Check out the graphic for more insight.


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