VitalQIP 8.0 provides next generation IPv6 automated address management

At a glance:
• VitalQIP enables customers to configure, automate and administer both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing schemes effortlessly
• Alcatel-Lucent VitalQIP customers on average see an ROI of over 900% and a payback period of 106 days (IDC)

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise today announced significant updates to its VitalQIP IP Address Management (IPAM) solution ensuring business continuity by allowing customers to effortlessly automate the migration to the IPv6 internet address system. VitalQIP 8.0 was developed with the assistance of Alcatel-Lucent’s existing customer base to provide an IPv6 solution which meets their management requirements.

The inevitable migration to the almost inexhaustible number of IPv6 addresses requires efficient management. Enterprises must recognise that a change in mindset is required from legacy IPv4 methodologies – it’s no longer about address conservation. With VitalQIP, if a customer chooses, they only need to enter a single IPv6 address – all other IPv6 addresses can be provisioned by allocation algorithms and IPAM automation through VitalQIP 8.0. VitalQIP 8.0 allows enterprises to efficiently provision their IP addresses and provides an affordable and highly reliable carrier grade solution for improving network management efficiency by automating critical IP address services deployment and centralising address management.

Some of the key features of VitalQIP 8.0 include:
• Supports hierarchical delegation of IPv6 address space in an automated or manual manner
• New management methodology employed, enabling VitalQIP to scale to vast IPv6 address numbers
• Enables smooth migration from IPv4 to IPv6 address management
• All new Alcatel-Lucent High Performance multi-threaded DHCPv6 server
• DNS64 translation supported

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