Middle East, 10 July 2012 – NEC Display Solutions Europe has launched Hiperwall 2.0, the latest iteration of its videowall content and source management solution.

Hiperwall is an ultra-high resolution software package for an endless number of displays, while providing advanced capabilities like zoom, rotation, shading and transparency, enabling users to examine content with increased flexibility and effectiveness. Content can be saved as environments and restored on demand, grouped into slideshows, or scheduled to appear at present time. This makes Hiperwall ideally suited for Command/Control, Digital Signage, Education and Entertainment applications.

The new Hiperwall 2.0 offers a range of new front and back end features. Content enhancements include slideshow transitions to cycle between different pieces of content, the ability to create and display text objects on the fly – for text crawls, messages or content labels – and a new preview capability to see what content looks like before displaying it on the wall.

There are also a host of control node enhancements, bringing support for explicit layer control, low power sleep or standby modes to reduce power consumption while maintaining rapid return to full functionality, as well as a series of keyboard shortcuts that enable faster access to content management functions. Furthermore, new additions to the API provide the ability to specify the location, zoom, rotation, colour and transparency of each object.

New secondary control features enable multiple control points, remote monitoring and management and SSL security. Three new licenses enable greater flexibility and functionality for users as senders, streamers and controllers.

“Hiperwall is an ultra-high resolution software package which is scalable in size and helps customers implement videowall applications while eliminating costly servers, matrix switches and distributors,” said Thorsten Wilm, Manager Product Management Solutions at NEC Display Solutions Europe.

“This latest version reinforces our long standing partnership with Hiperwall which enables customers to connect an infinite number of sources to a videowall and freely determine size and position of this content. This new version delivers a host of enhancements that enable more forms of content, from more sources and with greater levels of control and flexibility in the back end.”

All new versions of Hiperwall are available with a software subscription, available for each Hiperwall license and for free for the first year. Customers who have already installed Hiperwall 1.2 can upgrade their existing system to Hiperwall 2.0 and after one year, a software subscription is available for 20 per cent of the normal purchase price of the licenses.

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