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We strongly believe that we should give something back to the community we live and work in. We do a lot to help people out. New businesses, non-profits. We have been known to offer PR for food. The client preferred to pay us in the end – it was cheaper. We’re foodies. What can we say!

This year (like the past two years), we are helping the community put together UAE Social Media Day. Its been easy because , as usual, we work with the community that help us with everything. EVERYTHING is contributed and donated by the community. We don’t pay for anything – so there are no sponsors, no jostling for importance – the community and the small businesses are what’s important.  And they’re donating quite generously.

We are donating 2 hour consultation sessions for small businesses to pick our brains on how they can leverage PR. We are NOT going to do a sales pitch. No – these sessions will be about the company. We will show them how they can leverage what they’re doing to generate PR for themselves, how to recognise a good story, who to pitch it to and to recognise what not to ignore. And above all, avoid sales pitches to everyone including the media.

You can get full details on the special #Payitforward offers on the UAE Social Media Day blog. So if you’re here in Dubai or in the UAE, drop in and say hello. You might be surprised how much fun you’ll have.


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