Middle East, 7 May 2012 – NEC Display Solutions Europe has today announced a new 3D starter kit for schools. Similar to the very successful first version of the 3D starter kit this complete package includes NEC’s new 3D glasses and market-leading 3D content and software in one handy kit to provide easy access for schools looking to introduce the 3D experience into the classroom.

The 3D content contains seven interactive applications and numerous interactive 3D modules including the exploration of the human heart and of a plant cell. Eight 3D demo videos include illustrative examples covering subjects such as geography, sciences and technology, as well as primary educational content for teaching spelling and mathematics.

The videos are delivered in Top/Bottom format and are now supported by NEC’s U and V Series projectors. This format eliminates the need for a powerful graphic card with 120Hz output. The format conversion from Top/Bottom, 60Hz format to 120Hz frame sequential format, is now made by the projector to further facilitate the use of 3D.

The new 3D glasses included in the 3D starter kit are more lightweight than their predecessors. They are more ergonomic, re-chargeable and have foldable arms for easier storage.

In a recent 3D pilot project across schools in Europe carried out by Texas Instruments with the support of NEC Display Solutions, the use of 3D in lessons delivered significant benefits to the teaching process. These included greater attention from pupils, faster and better understanding and visual stimulation.

The results of the project showed that more pupil engagement was seen in the lessons that incorporated 3D into the teaching, and students widely demonstrated an increased attention span. The use of 3D visibly led to positive changes in pupils’ behaviour and communication patterns and improved classroom interaction with students asking more questions. The knowledge of concepts was greater in the 3D classes and 3D also helped to reduce the time for students to learn new concepts, particularly where a new concept had been introduced through 3D initially.

Ulf Greiner, Product Line Manager Business Projectors at NEC Display Solutions Europe, commented: “The research shows that the use of 3D in the educational space brings more engagement and more achievement amongst pupils and staff. 3D is already a reality in our children’s lives today and introducing 3D into the classroom is a natural progression made accessible through NEC’s new 3D starter kit.”

“Schools and educational establishments wishing to sample 3D as a tool for learning should try the starter kit to experience the benefits themselves.”

The new 3D starter kits are available from end of May 2012.

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