We’re cheating this morning. But this guest post by Rand Fishkin, CEO and co-founder of SEOmoz, was very good and made some points we’ve raised with our clients. Here are some of his recommendations but for the full list, go to the article on Ragan’s PR Daily.

Below are some recommendations I’d have for entrepreneurs going down the path of journalist interaction. This advice generally assumes a “worst case scenario” :

Know your preference: No press or wrong/biased/negative press?

Much of the time when the press covers your company or project, the results won’t match your expectations or ideals. If publicity about your work is strategic and useful to the company, some amount of inaccuracy/negativity is affordable. But you should know the balance ahead of time. Far too often, entrepreneurs presume that press is a good, desirable commodity and will suffer unduly to achieve it. The truth is that with a few, relatively rare exceptions, press will not make (or break) your startup.

Have a clear, compelling, unique message to share.

The press is looking for a story. Something that will draw attention and receive reactions and responses or, at the least, fill their page view quotas. If you don’t have a worthy story to tell, it’s up to the journalist to find it for you. That is almost never ideal and often the source of entrepreneur unhappiness with the press. Strategize about what you want the piece to convey and then stay on message. Take the parable of the blue cup to heart—consistency, repetition and simplicity are keys to effective communication with the press.

For the full list, go to the article on Ragan’s PR Daily

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