NEC in Healthcare

Middle East, 1 March 2012 – NEC Display Solutions Europe has announced the launch of the MD461OR, a large format display designed specifically for hospital operating theatres.

The NEC MD461OR is a 46-inch large format full HD resolution flat panel display built to cater for the specific requirements of the operating room. Including front screen IP55 protection against dust and water, it allows for the viewing of colour and greyscale DICOM medical images for operation by trained physicians.

As well as full complement of connectivity options such as DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI, the MD461OR also has a SBC slot allowing a built-in PC to be added directly into the display for straightforward setup and easy use. Combined with the optional mobile cart, this makes the display a complete and portable unit, perfect for any demanding medical environment.

“Using NEC’s huge experience in the large format display market, and combining that depth of knowledge with full medical certification, the latest image processing technologies and full high definition LCD panels, means this product is the reference in the medical market,” said Shinji Nohara, Medical Solutions Manager at NEC Display Solutions Europe.

“In medical environments, the right technology can be crucial to saving lives and the MD461OR can help surgeons in the operating theatre make accurate and timely decisions on the spot.”

The MD461OR will be on display at NEC’s stand at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) Expo 2012 in Vienna, Austria from 2 – 5 March 2012: Expo A, Booth 105 (Entrance Level).

Availability and warranty
The NEC MD461OR is expected to be available in March 2012. Each unit includes a power cord, video cable, user manual and remote controller. NEC Display Solutions Europe offers a three-year pan-European service warranty including the backlight.

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