Campus Party 201111 January 2012:  Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise will be introducing its Safe Campus solution at a special user event for Ankabut. Ankabut is the United Arab Emirates’ National Research and Education Network (NREN) project that is jointly funded by the TRA through the ICT fund and Khalifa University. As one of the Silver sponsors of the event, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise will highlight the advantages of the Safe Campus initiative for universities and educational institutions, a Dynamic Communications Solution that goes beyond emergency notification.

Educators are faced with increasing pressure to secure their schools and campuses and to ensure the safety of their staff, faculty and students in case of an emergency. Universities and Public Institutions with open, expansive campuses, more transient population, and a student body of legally adult citizens particularly need advanced emergency communications plans to deal with security challenges. Alcatel-Lucent has worked with many educational institutions to implement unified communications systems that support lockdown procedures, provide emergency notification and integrate with building control systems to support surveillance, deliver 911 alarms and alerts, and enhance the awareness and responsiveness of campus security personnel and administrators.
Alcatel-Lucent’s Safe Campus solutions allow these institutions to leverage existing infrastructure investments for voice and data while adding video and mobility components for a comprehensive, three-step approach to campus safety — awareness, response coordination and campus notification. While Safe Campus is mainly tailored to education institutions the solution has also been deployed in other public institutions such as airports.

Spokespersons from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise presented the solution at Ankabut’s January Users’ Meeting scheduled to be held on 11th and 12th January 2012 at the Abu Dhabi Women’s College Campus in the Higher Colleges of Technology.

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