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Middle East, 21 December 2011NEC Display Solutions Europe has announced the launch of SpectraView® Profiler 5, the latest version of its sophisticated colour calibration software.

Designed for reference display users that require highly accurate display calibration and profiling for colour critical applications, the update delivers a host of new features all wrapped in a brand new interface with application preset and express calibration buttons easily accessible.

This latest version builds on the powerful existing functionality of the Profiler application, and now allows users to perform hardware calibration via USB or DDC/CI as well as providing full support of 3D LUT functionality. Also included is support for the latest basICColor DISCUS and X-Rite i1Display Pro colorimeters.

SpectraView® Profiler 5 is compatible with all NEC SpectraView® displays, including the NEC SpectraView® 231 and NEC SpectraView® Reference 241, 271 and 301 displays.

“NEC prides itself on providing a range of best-in-class, colour-critical displays for the pre-press, soft-proofing, professional photo and creative professional, and for these people the SpectraView® Reference range is the benchmark,” said Christopher Parker, Product Line Manager Professional Displays at NEC Display Solutions Europe. “This update to the SpectraView® Profiler 5 Software enhances our capability for providing perfectly calibrated image quality that is reliably maintained over the display lifetime.”

The SpectraView® Profiler 5 Software is immediately available as a free download for existing SpectraView® users on the Mac and PC platforms, including Apple OS X Lion and Microsoft Windows7 from: NEC SpectraView® displays will ship with the Profiler 5 Software from January 2012 onwards.

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