Middle East, December 21, 2011: GCT, the authorized distributor for Genius-KYE Systems in Middle East and Africa, has launched new range of Genius branded products: DVR (Digital video recorder), in the Middle East region. The new product line is being launched with the introduction of the first two vehicle recorders: DVR-GPS300D, which is the first GPS vehicle recorder and DVR-HD550, which is a HD recorder.


“The DVR is the first product launch of 2012 and we are very excited about it. With the launch these products, Genius has taken another big step in this market”, said Milad Jabbour, President and CEO of GCT. “One of the main features about these products is; DVR-GPS300 allows data transfer between the registrar and cartographic data from Google and DVR-HD550 is the best digital vehicle recorder for anyone who travels a lot and would like to store video of traffic in front of them”.


Genius’ first GPS recorder, DVR-GPS300D, has a dual lens to capture front and back videos while driving. With a built-in chipset, it can also receive GPS coordinates and display the driving route, speed, longitude, latitude, and altitude information using the application. Additionally, the recorder’s sensor monitors any speeding or accidents and saves the recorded files as evidence for the driver’s protection.


DVR-HD550 has a HD video recorder /30 fps with 2.4” panel. This device lets one record everything happening in case there is an emergency so one can provide evidence as a reference. DVR-HD550 can be installed on a dashboard or windshield to easily record video of road situations and for insurance purposes, security surveillance, and for recording anything that happens in front of the vehicle. The high performance sensor can take videos in the dark and adjusts to light change quickly.


For more information on the product, please click on DVR-GPS300 and DVR-HD550.

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