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Paris, France – November 14, 2011 – NEC IT Platform Solutions (NEC ITPS) and COREYE (, one of France’s top specialists in hosting and outsourced high availability solutions, today announced a partnership agreement for the NEC XaaS Ready To Go offering, NEC’s suite of dedicated Cloud Computing solutions.

COREYE, who have been specialized for more than 15 years in hosting and outsourced critical applications offer custom managed infrastructure solutions with guaranteed 7×24 availability regardless of the level of activity.

COREYE, who are facing growing demand from its customers for Cloud-based services, wanted a solution for Cloud management and automation that is simple, powerful and based on intuitive virtualization technology. A key requirement of their desired solution was to allow them to quickly evolve their services offering to IaaS, SaaS and other Cloud services on the short-term. In addition, COREYE required a solution that natively provides billing, provisioning, reporting and an open user interface in French as well as all foreign languages natively spoken by their international customers.

The hosting company wanted to complete its range of services by offering its customers on-demand service provisioning of IT resources in the Public Cloud. COREYE’s ‘Instant Cloud’ service, launched in October 2011, is used to allocate and deploy virtual servers on-demand, providing unequalled flexibility in resource utilization, with very competitive daily, weekly, monthly or annual costs.

After a thorough review and test drive of competing Cloud Automation Solutions, COREYE chose to offer their Cloud Services based upon NEC’s “XaaS Ready To Go.”

This turnkey solution, which allows a Service Provider to develop IaaS, SaaS and DaaS services in a very simple and efficient manner, has specific portal access and functional roles for the service provider, its resellers and service users. It also automates the order intake, provisioning and multi-tier customer billing of IT services as well as many other business and virtualization management functions regardless of the resale scheme (Single-Tier, 2-Tier, etc.).

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