Dubai, UAE; 3 October 2011: Illuminations, a Dubai-based service aimed at providing a variety of resources involving holistic healing and complementary therapy, is hosting a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Career Exploration workshop on 15th October at its offices in Jumeirah Lake Towers. MBTI, created after more than 50 years of research and development, is now the most widely used instrument for understanding personality types and differences (more than 2 million Indicators are administered annually in the US alone). The workshop is being conducted by Alia Ali Khan, a certified MBTI practitioner based in Dubai.
This one-day workshop is a MUST for students who are unsure what courses to choose at colleges and universities. It will not only explain MBTI and what it does and help attending students take the MBTI test but also understand what the test results mean and what it entails in the long term in terms of career and study choices. In addition, this Myers-Briggs assessment helps people decide what sort of careers they may be better suited to than the ones they are currently in.
According to Alia, “there are several self assessment courses but the level of detail the MBTI personality profiles went to helped explain why some people in the same education program were better suited for some specialties versus others.
She added, “I initially did the course not to practice but just to study MBTI in more detail – it was something that helped me in my own life and career and I wanted to learn more. This test not only offer career guidance but matches ones’ own personality type with particular activities and areas of interest so we can be assured that we end up loving what we do.”
“Most parents save up for many years to offer their children a good education,” pointed out Graça Ward, Event Organiser & Hypnotherapist at Illuminations. “It’s imperative they understand if their child’s personality matches a particular career before the fees are actually paid.”
The one-day workshop will run on 15 October 2011 and will cost AED 1200 per student including the assessment test, analysis, and meals.
About the Trainer: Alia Ali Khan
Alia was born in Toronto , Canada and has studied and worked there.  But she also spent many years traveling and living in different countries – and had spent a large part of her life in the UAE.  Of Egyptian and Pakistani origin, she often observed the role different cultures play in your outlook.  Being in Dubai , and experiencing even more of a mish mash of culture has been fascinating. Experiencing different cultures has been the fuel to her endless research on what makes people different (and the same!) but it also led her to believe that one has to look beyond nationality, culture, and environment to really understand a person. She is a certified MBTI practitioner. Studying MBTI gave her access to a basic understanding of what makes up the core of a person’s personality.
Alia has an MBA from the University of Toronto (Rotman School of Management) and has worked in Human Resources and is currently a Management and Strategy Consultant.  She uses her experience in Recruitment and overall Corporate Strategy to be able to better advise her MBTI clients on how to go about academic and career planning – looking at what their personality types best suits them for and matching them with what is out there and what is required of them in the professional world. She often goes as far as helping clients look at schools, build resumes, and so on.
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