Detects signs of system failure and carries out automatic failover

NEC ITPS (IT Platform Solutions) announced today the launch of sales activities for its “EXPRESSCLUSTER X 3.1 Series” (*1) of high-availability software that strengthens availability by detecting signs of system failure.

This product utilizes statistical server system resource information to detect signs of system failure then automatically begins switching operations to the most appropriate servers prior to an unexpected system outage. As a result, unplanned downtime due to system failure can be reduced by 75% (*2) when compared to existing products.

Key advantages of the EXPRESSCLUSTER X 3.1 Series are as follows:

1) Business downtime reduced
This new product features the “EXPRESSCLUSTER X System Resource Agent,” which enables the use of system resources, such as CPUs and memory, to be analyzed and estimated. This makes it possible to detect failure signs and to carry out “smart failover,” where operations are automatically switched to the most appropriate servers. Conventional products carry out system switching only after the beginning of a failure. This new product, however, first detects signs of a failure then automatically switches servers. This is shown to reduce unplanned downtime by 75%, which allows businesses to continue stable operations.

2) Strengthened monitoring of application servers
This new product is equipped with the “EXPRESSCLUSTER X Java Resource Agent,” which monitors virtual Java machine memory and the performance (threads) of parallel processing. As a result, links between application servers, such as NEC’s “Web OTX Application Server,” and load sharing servers are strengthened, insufficient system resources and load conditions can be detected in advance of a failure and high-speed server switching and recovery work can be carried out.

3) Support for tablets and smartphones
Server operations can be easily managed using Android(TM) based terminals, including the “MEDIAS” smartphone (*3) and NEC’s cloud communicator tablets.

Shipments of the new product are scheduled to begin 11 October 2011.

“EXPRESSCLUSTER X” holds No.1 (*4) share in the Asia Pacific market, including Japan. NEC is seeking to drive sales of this new product and expand sales of the entire “EXPRESSCLUSTER X Series” to approximately 25 billion JPY over the next three years.

NEC will exhibit this product, which supports the VMware vSphere(TM) 5 virtualization platform, at the “C&C User Forum & iEXPO 2011” at the Tokyo International Forum on 10 and 11 November 2011.

Marketed and sold as “CLUSTERPRO X 3.1” in Japan
Compared to NEC’s “EXPRESSCLUSTER X 3.0 Series”
Supports tablets and smartphones equipped with Android 3.0/2.3/2.2
(*4) No.1 share in Asia Pacific
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