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I came across this article (of course through social media) and completely agree with it: The 7 B2B Sins of Social Media Ignorance (a very good analogy in line with the deadly ones) by Andrew Moravick.  I can’t believe that people still use the cliched excuses to NOT do something that is becoming as important as being on the Internet and having a web site.

Here are my three reasons why B2B business should use it.

Customer Service: If your customer (whether that is your distribution business partner, your supplier or even your internal team) is able to contact you and get a response within a very short while – it will create a stronger bond that can only enhance your market reputation. It could even save you (and your customer) time and costs in terms of qualifying situations especially in the case of after sales service, etc.

PR: In reputation management, how you interact with your customers and other stakeholders can only enhance existing market sentiment (depending of course on how you manage social media). Like any other PR campaigns, there must be thought and strategy and it needs to be a part of the mix.

New Business: People do business with companies and people they trust. If you are seen as one of the community, doing a good job within your market sector, and maintain an open communication channel, they will (a) understand what you do better and (b) probably opt for doing business with you.

Remember social media is not just Twitter and Facebook – its blogs, LinkedIn and many many more.

So what are you waiting for?

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