Dubai, United Arab Emirates; 15 June 2011NEC Unified Solutions, a leading provider of IT and communication solutions, today launched the new SL series of smart communication servers in the Middle East at a special event hosted in Dubai for its partners across the region. Specifically directed at smaller businesses, the SL is an intelligent cost-effective telecommunication solution that packs affordability, efficiency, IP-telephony and ecology all into one. It is equipped with the capabilities to adapt to the needs of any small organisation.

Frits Neyndorff, Vice President NEC Middle-East & Africa, NEC ITPS and NEC Unified Solutions, remarked, “As one of the more successful regions in EMEA, we see tremendous opportunity for further growth in the small business market segment in the Middle East. Together with our partners, the SL series gives us the opportunity to address this sector, with its scalable architecture, top of the bill functionalities and excellent price point.”

The new SL series offers extreme value for money. Meeting the needs of the increasingly mobile workforce, a mobile phone can be designated as the answering terminal when users are away from their desk or the office. With access to system features on one’s mobile, such as caller ID, call transfer and voicemail, it really is like being in the office, whether you’re travelling, on leave or stuck in traffic. The all-in-one SL has a scalable architecture; an organization can start from a minimum of 4 trunk lines and 8 extensions and grow to well over 100 trunk or extension ports. The system consumes less power than previous models and allows automatic standby mode during office closing hours, minimizing office electricity expense.

“With our worldwide leadership and longstanding experience in business communication systems, we have a very clear idea of how to meet the needs of businesses and organizations, from small to large. Our products and solutions conform to the highest possible quality standards and are known for their outstanding reliability, durability and technical superiority. The SL series is a key pillar of our business strategy to expand channels to market and market coverage, and will enhance our portfolio and that of our partners significantly”, Neyndorff adds.

In addition to being highly competitive as a small business solution, the SL is NEC’s most reseller-friendly series so far. With minimal system configurations from ‘out of the box’ settings, the time taken for set-up and system commissioning can be brought right down to an hour. With intuitive features that are simple to understand and use, partner training and end user instruction are minimal as well.

“Because of our long-time involvement and expertise in addressing the needs of smaller businesses, we have been able to include latest technology and functionality tuned to the needs for economy, mobility and ecology”, concludes Neyndorff.

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