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Middle East, 11 April 2011NEC Unified Solutions, a leading provider of IT and communication solutions, has added enhanced desktop video conferencing and collaboration capabilities to its UNIVERGE SV8100 communications server. By interworking with Polycom’s VVX1500 business media phone, video, HD voice and integrated applications can now be incorporated on this colour touch-screen desk phone.

The growing role of video in business collaboration is undeniable as businesses and workers seek more meaningful ways of collaborating in the face of shrinking travel and operating budgets. Already compatible with NEC’s iS3000 / SIP@Net communications platform, the solution brings video to the user’s phone and allows customers to hold face-to-face conversations with remote parties while at their desk.

Thanks to this addition to the SV8100 communications server, this enhanced collaboration facility now also comes available to Small and Medium Businesses. The easy access to voice and video applications facilitated by simple and fast (one-touch) call set-up will help increase remote collaboration, build relationships and speed up business processes.

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