Middle East – 8 March 2011 – NEC IT Platform Solutions (NEC IT PS), a division of NEC Corporation, today announces the launch of Invariant Analyser, a solution unique to the market that enables the detection of silent failures in complex infrastructures and capable of detecting performance problems and identifying their causes quickly. Based on patented NEC technology, Invariant Analyser uses a unique mathematical algorithm to identify undetectable faults and failures, unlike most current tools on the market which function mainly on the basis of thresholds.

For an organisation to function 24/7 with an IT infrastructure in permanent operation requires 100% availability of strategic applications. Hardware failure is the most frequent cause of unplanned downtimes. These can cost millions every hour and can lead to loss of business and large fines under the terms of the SLA. But it’s useful to know that around 20% of failures are due to so-called “silent failures” that are impossible to predict (NEC survey). As a result, they are usually undetectable by most traditional monitoring tools. Data Center administrators are often unable to identify why their applications, servers and networks are slowing down. This means that they are also unable to resolve system failures quickly when they occur. However, these can affect the user experience and even the organisation itself.

Thanks to a quick diagnosis and visual location of the events detected, the IT team can clearly identify the component responsible for the silent failure from the graphical displays and so quickly make improvements to the system, however complex it may be. The time saved is between 15 and 30 days of analysis. NEC’s Invariant Analyser solution does not define any thresholds in the way of other tools available on the market. Rather, it is by intelligent learning of the behaviour and relationships between the various elements of the infrastructure that this tool manages to bring to light all unusual interactions. As a result, malfunctions in systems, OS and applications that can lead to loss of performance of the infrastructure are reported to the administrators, who can act quickly to restore the required level of service.

Some of the key features of NEC;s Invariant Analyser include Automatic learning and monitoring, Collection and analysis of behaviours, Fault detection and alert, Isolation of the error source, and most importantly Multi-environment operation where the system can work on:
HP Performance Agent software (extract -g)

• Windows Performance Monitor CSV

• sar command (HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, AIX)

Prices and availability:

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About NEC IT Platform Solutions

NEC IT Platform Solutions provides businesses with servers, storage, software and virtualized desktops that enable its customers to maximize business efficiency and performance and improve profitability.   It works with its customers to deliver tailored, innovative solutions from a broad portfolio of products and solutions with short ROI and lower TCO.
For example, NEC’s green, virtualized servers and desktops provide the resilience and flexibility necessary for successful and agile enterprises.   In addition, NEC IT Platform Solutions provides enhanced high availability solutions such as the NEC Fault Tolerant Servers and NEC Express Cluster Software.

NEC IT Platform Solutions has its global headquarters in Paris, France for the EMEA region and works in conjunction with NEC’s businesses worldwide.For more information, visit http://www.nec-itpf.com

About NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation is a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies that benefit businesses and people around the world. By providing a combination of products and solutions that cross utilize the company’s experience and global resources, NEC’s advanced technologies meet the complex and ever-changing needs of its customers. NEC brings more than 100 years of expertise in technological innovation to empower people, businesses and society.  For more information, visit NEC at http://www.nec.com

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