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In brief: • Consumerization of IT is increasing as employees bring more personal, IP-enabled devices into the enterprise. As a result, IP address management (IPAM) is more important than ever. • Alcatel-Lucent delivers next generation Alcatel-Lucent VitalQIP® Appliance Manager 1200 platform providing reduced cost, footprint and power consumption • Top DNS/DHCP performance, additional features and low cost make this a game changer in the automated IP address management market

Alcatel-Lucent, continuing its leadership in IPAM, introduces its next-generation VitalQIP Appliance Manager 1200 platform for IP address management services across networks.

The early organizers of the Internet did not predict that the day would come when all 4.3 billion possible IP addresses would be assigned.  But now that day is expected to occur this month, due to the widespread adoption of smart mobile devices by individuals for both business and personal use.  As more employees bring their personal technology devices into the workplace, IT departments are being bombarded to support a dramatic increase of IP-enabled devices. Today, nearly 80 percent of Fortune 100 companies are deploying or piloting the iPhone. It’s this seemingly limitless increase in use of various mobile devices that has elevated the importance of IP address management (IPAM) within IT departments.

Available now, the new solution streamlines management and cuts administrative costs for enterprises, and is ideal for government agencies and service providers worldwide who regularly have significant IP management requirements.

The Alcatel-Lucent VitalQIP 1200 solution offers the highest performance available with up to 100,000 DNS queries per second and 12k DHCP leases per second. Additionally, its unique features including dual power supplies for high reliability, integrated “lights out” remote management for remote maintenance, its standard three year next day on-site support warranty with four hour same day onsite support, and its low cost make VitalQIP a game changer in the DDI appliance market. The combination of these features and support give VitalQIP customers a mission critical solution for automating and centralizing IP address management in any size organization.

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