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MIDDLE EAST, 27 January 2011 – At the 15th Annual DECT World & CAT-iq conference held on 26-27 January in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, it was once again confirmed and illustrated that DECT remains the preferred and most competitive wireless voice technology for enterprise mobility.

At the conference, leading market player NEC Unified Solutions shared its vision and strategy regarding the further development of DECT technology and announced together with partner RTX the next generation DECT solutions including CAT-iq functionality.

NEC and RTX have identified a clear market demand for extended services building on better speech quality, security and enhanced business services thanks to easy integration of web application services into the DECT handset. This requires a much more open standards approach than is common in the industry today. To address these market requirements NEC and RTX will collaborate closely on developing DECT technology, features and applications that fully take advantage of the CAT-iq functionality as currently under standardisation.

Over the past years NEC and RTX Products have been working closely together in bringing to market a full range of enterprise DECT terminals with sophisticated functionality including integrated Unified Communications, messaging,alarming and localisation services.

“In Enterprise and SME markets DECT still proves to be the best choice for voice communication”, Bert van Koelen, Business Manager Mobility at NEC Unified Solutions explains. “With its scalability, security and robustness, wide range of cost-effective handsets and with applications truly enhancing business processes, DECT provides an economic and effective mobility solution that is unrivalled”.

At the forefront

NEC has a rich DECT heritage since it acquired Philips Business Communications, which has been at the forefront of DECT technology developments from its outset in the early 1990s. This has led to standardising IP DECT across the entire NEC portfolio and sophisticated solutions like dual band (GPS controlled) IP DECT for cruise lines.

RTX Products provides a wide range of wireless products to various OEM/ODM customers throughout the world. RTX has since 1994 been leading provider of wireless solutions based on DECT and continues to drive next generation specifications including CAT-iq. RTX Products provides cutting edge technology products with a cost optimized production setup in China combined with advanced enterprise software development in Denmark.

NEC’s (IP) DECT Mobility solutions incorporating RTX originated handsets are available across the global market through the companies’ networks of sales organisations and business partners. The next generation of CAT-iq based solutions are expected within a year.

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