All too often, as a small business, we are reluctant to turn away business. But sometimes it helps to just not be ‘helpful’.

You should say no, if you are not confident you will be able to deliver. The ensuing heartache as you flounder through unfamiliar territory is not worth your reputation.
You should say no, if you think your client is not listening to you. The chances are that if they aren’t listening to you now, they’re not going to listen to you when it counts most and you end up getting the blame for something that could have been avoided. Once again, is your reputation worth it?
If you think that when the contract is signed, something is going to change later or they don’t mean what they say, then you should say NO now because there is no clarity or chemistry between you and your client. If there are too many decision makers involved – walk away. If they look like they might be dithering, walk away.

Not that we should all just opt for the easy project but when you are a small business with limited resources, it is sometimes a better option to walk away from projects in the best interests of your reputation, sanity and a long-term relationship.

Sometimes it is better to discover the power of saying NO.

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