MIDDLE EAST – November 7, 2010GFI Software, a leading IT solutions provider, today announced its attendance at Black Hat Abu Dhabi 2010 at Emirates Palace where it will introduce GFI Sandbox™ and VIPRE™ Software Development Kit (VIPRE SDK), available for the first time in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) region. In addition, Brian Jack, lead security analyst at GFI Software will deliver a training session titled, “Cyber Network Defense Bootcamp” during the event.

On November 8-11, 2010 at Booth # 3, GFI will demonstrate GFI Sandbox, an automated dynamic malware analysis tool that leverages behavior analysis technology of any file for the defense of malicious threats against enterprise or government networks. Able to compare analysis across multiple platforms, GFI Sandbox enables security analysts and incident response teams to automatically analyze the behavior of suspected files inside a controlled and monitored environment with no emulation or virtualization needed. One of the key features in GFI Sandbox is the proprietary Digital Behavior Traits (DBT™) technology, which intelligently interprets the behavior of a file, ad, document or website to determine automatically whether it is malicious – critical in the effort to quickly discover new malware that has not been uncovered by traditional antivirus tools.

Also available for the first time in the region, VIPRE SDK provides a full arsenal of malware detection, remediation and firewall technologies in a single, powerful threat engine with low impact on system resources.  Available for both desktop and gateway, VIPRE SDK allows ISVs, service providers and OEMs to integrate best-of-breed antivirus, bi-directional firewall and web filtering into existing or new products, providing unmatched endpoint security from an industry leader. VIPRE SDK features powerful, cross-platform and rootkit scanning technology and full protection against email-borne threats, as well as dynamic, sophisticated analysis and real-time protection.

“Cyber-defense is a global challenge and with the proliferation of new malware using zero-day exploits  that have not been catalogued by traditional antivirus solutions, the need for automated threat analysis tools and comprehensive endpoint security has never been more critical,” said Chad Loeven, vice president of the Advanced Technology Group, GFI Software. “GFI is eager to expand its presence internationally to provide tools for front-line defense against threats to critical data.”

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