Me360 logoNo offense to any of our other clients, but I am excited about the recent approval by Apple of the me360 app. I think that this particular app(lication) will change a little of the way we use our social media and interact with our friends.

Unlike any other apps, this one will help to integrate the functionalities of Facebook with the instant interactions of Twitter and help to understand and create a social graph of a way of life for each individual.

So what do I mean. Without sounding like a manual, me360 will, based on your location (it uses Google), make it easy to find great places near you, see what your friends say about these places, get directions to go there and use Facebook ‘Likes’ to share your interests. It will make sure you see the messages you want to see and businesses like restaurants, shops etc will share special deals and offers when their customers are ready to see them.

While its still early stages of the app and its still ironing out a few kinks, it can only get better with time. As more people download and use the app, ‘Like’ their favourite places (whatever these may be), share with their friends through Twitter and Facebook, me360 will allow the community to discover new places to explore or rediscover places they may have forgotten. Because their friends recommend them or like them. Not some critic, not some random blogger somewhere, but their friends circle, the people they trust.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, these likes, recommendations etc don’t get lost in archives. They will appear everytime they look at the restaurant, bar etc on the application.

Over time me360 will transition from not only being an app to share the places they like but an app to search for interesting places to go. As it evolves into a search app, special business deals will only reinforce this behaviour.

For social media and smartphone addicts like me, this is a match made in heaven. Now if they’d just hurry up and get the Android or BB version. Soon.

In the meanwhile, if you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, just download it from iTunes.

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