According to the blog Arabianism, King Abdullah II accepted the resignation of environmental minister Hazem Malhas, who insulted Jordanian media and journalists during a workshop in Amman.

This should make corporates, especially locally owned companies – take heed. A lot of them do not invest in media training because they do not understand the importance of media training. Training for media interviews is essential for everyone who speaks to journalists because so much is at stake. Get it right, and the people who matter to you will get the right message, loud and clear. Get it wrong, and you might stir up a crisis.

The greatest media spokespeople appear natural, relaxed, authoritative, likeable, engaged, controlled and spontaneous. They make their case convincingly and memorably – whether promoting everyday news messages, or managing a full-on crisis. Luckily, for a few, it comes naturally. For most, it comes with good media training.

This is especially true for new and young businesses. Or businesses that are not used to being in the spotlight. Just because you own and run a business doesn’t necessarily mean you are qualified to be the spokesperson for your company. There are some key mistakes that could land you in a lot of hot water or lose the opportunity to promote your company or services.

Its not too late and it only takes a few hours of your time.

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