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Press releases get a bad rap but they have their uses. Let me say this right up front – I hate them. The editors hate them. But they do have their uses.

So traditional press releases help to share information about the company and what they are doing. It helps to drip feed to journalists (that bother to read or are interested) a little bit more about the company. I don’t follow up on these releases (there public confession) except with key journalists who I share additional information but more often leave it to the journalists discretion. I dissuade my clients from sharing press releases on every version of a software they launch or the opening of an envelope but if there is something interesting enough to get a journalist’s attention but not enough to warrant a press conference (are these hated more than a press release?). Not reams of paper but a couple of paragraphs.

I read an interesting post that talks about a new type of press release using social media. I would love to use that. Because it makes way more sense to me. However that is way too advanced for the Middle East where a large percentage of any of my clients’ target market or media are still at the ‘share my family photos on Facebook‘ stage of social media. No offence meant to anyone.

What do you think? Am I right? Will you read my next press release?

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