A range that enables IT managers to develop their infrastructure over time without additional costs

Middle East, 15 September 2010 – NEC IT Platform Solutions, a division of NEC Corporation, announces the launch of two new blades (NEC Express 5800/B120b and NEC Express5800/B120B-d) to replace the B120a and B120a-d range. These new NEC blades have been developed to meet a strong market trend and the heightened data security requirements expected by IT managers.

The Express5800/SIGMABLADE blade servers offered by NEC provide a company with all the flexibility and performance required for infrastructure consolidation. This NEC range provides maximum versatility for power management, parameterization of virtual addresses, and network and management redundancy.

According to Annick Reyngoudt, Senior Marketing Manager EMEA, IT Platform Division at NEC , “Today, IT infrastructure has become an important strategic tool for companies and needs to respond to the major concerns of IT and business managers: it must be able to adapt and evolve with the needs of the organization. Simple, native and intuitive – these are the three key characteristics of a range that enables IT managers to develop their infrastructure over time without additional costs or nasty surprises.”

The functions for limiting or sharing energy apply across the entire range, so that all parameters can be simply defined according to the constraints of a bay or to keep electricity consumption to a minimum.

With complete transparency and simplicity, all components are fully redundant on both chassis, thereby providing the same levels of security and service whatever the choice of architecture. The number and combination of network switches ensure complete redundancy in the case of component failure. This also ensures optimum security for business data.

Parameters are defined for virtual addresses in a few minutes with just a few clicks. The management interface is extremely visual and truly intuitive. Access to the console of each blade is via a single USB port located on the front of the chassis, which also makes maintenance easier. In addition, to enable IT managers to optimize the resources of their blade servers, they can add the NEC SigmaSystemCenter management software.

This makes it possible to monitor the load on the blades or processors and to manage resource allocations dynamically. These operations are possible on a virtual or physical infrastructure and therefore bring about an increase in the system service rate.

About IT Platform Division of NEC

A subsidiary of the Japanese NEC Corporation group, NEC Computers offers a complete, innovative range of IT, infrastructure solutions (servers, storage, software) and virtualised workstations. NEC Computers operates in professional markets in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The Japanese NEC group is a worldwide leader in Information Technology, Networking and Electronic Components, with a turnover of 44 billion dollars (figures as at 31-05-2009) and employs more than 143,000 people worldwide. As demonstrated by its slogan “Empowered by Innovation”, the NEC Group puts technological innovation at its clients’ service. NEC devotes nearly 8% of its turnover to Research and Development, from bioplastics to super computers.

About interFRONTIERS

interFRONTIERS was set up in 2001 to undertake the overall Regional Business Development & Management for NEC Computers in the Middle East, Africa and South- eastern Europe. A professional sales team works with NEC’s channel partners, while an expert team of pre-sales consultants and tenders support help with major corporate accounts.

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