Abu Dhabi, UAE, 13 July 2010: Alpha Data, the UAE’s largest multi-disciplined systems integrator, has announced a partnership with Boole Server to provide its enterprise customers with secure storage and access to data along with full auditing capabilities. Boole Server is a security platform designed to protect against unauthorized viewing, manipulation or distribution of data. It is the result of extensive study into the vulnerabilities of security systems. 

Fayez Ibbini, Alpha Data’s Managing Director, said, “In a region like the Middle East that is rapidly expanding its insfrastructure, enterprise networks have expanded traditional security to ensure that there are full fledged policies in place including complete audits of vulnerabilities. We are pleased to partner with Boole Server to bring their unique security platform to our customers to ensure that their data is protected.” 
“Boole Server, which provides companies a secure way to store, share, access and communicate data securely using military grade encryption, both within their network and beyond, is rapidly becoming a global force,” said Avinash Advani, Director at Fluxer ME. “Alpha Data has a strong presence in UAE’s enterprise segment and we are looking forward to developing a high-level client base with them comparable to the one we have in Europe, which features government entities and blue-chip companies of the highest reputation.” 
Alpha Data will offer Boole’s complete range of products and solutions, supported by their in-house expertise.
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