Greater value and innovation for a solid IT infrastructure B2B solutions based on Intel processors

Middle East, 8 July 2010. The IT Platform Solutions Division of NEC presented on the 24th of June in Nicosia, Cyprus, the latest updates with regards to NEC’s strategy, servers and solutions.

The event organised in collaboration with InterFRONTIERS Ltd, the IT Platform Solutions’ business development unit for SEMEA region and with A. Th. Loizou & Son Ltd, the authorized reseller for the IT Platform Solutions Division in Cyprus.

Structured in product presentations and hands on demonstrations in the afternoon, the event gathered decision makers and IT managers from well known Cypriot corporations and public sector, as well as Middle East customers coming from countries such as Egypt and Bahrain.

Nowadays the IT Departments focus mainly on maximizing business availability and improving the profitability with short ROI and reduced TCO, with respect for environment. The IT Platform Solutions Division of NEC has developed unique solutions in areas as Enterprise Computing, Consolidation and Virtualization, Data Center Management and High Availability, which were presented during the event.

The attendees were given the opportunity to test live demonstrations of NEC’s products and solutions, such as the R320a Fault Tolerant Server, which provides companies with simplified high availability and 24/7 business continuity; the VPCC (Virtual PC Centre) a turnkey virtual desktop solution from NEC which answers administration management and repair issues associated with having large numbers of physical desktops, especially when combined with a high level of geographical dispersion. Other remarkable solutions presented during the event were NEC FlexNDV, the simple flexible and affordable effective desktop virtualization solution. Customers were also informed about the current product portfolio ranging from Datacentre hardware and accompanying management software to disaster recovery products to cater for the needs of business from small all the way to Enterprise.

‘’In the current economical situation companies are focusing on solutions that run faster, more efficiently and support cost reductions. We aim to respond to these challenges through NEC’s innovative infrastructure solutions, that in the same time make the technology easier and for the end users’’ confirmed Ms Lenia Iacovides, Managing Director at InterFRONTIERS ‘’We look beyond the road map to identify the customer’s needs and to deliver them the right solutions and support for any type of business.’’

Regarding this event, Mr Balakrishnan Nagarajan, Manager Infrastructure and Data Center at Proco Financial Service W.L.L in Bahrain commented: "having known NEC only in the monitor and printer space, it required sufficient proof to change that image to that of a server and enterprise company. That’s precisely what the event provided us."
"Our company has been looking for a Virtualization Technology partner that is capable of provisioning an end-to-end solution, with a one-stop-shop concept’’ said Mr Ashraf Hamed, IT Manager at Duravit Egypt. ‘’We have been monitoring closely the VPCC offering from NEC, ever since its inception in 2006.The latest event sponsored by NEC/INTEL and hosted by InterFrontiers in Cyprus only added to our confidence related to the technology commitment, the shared technology update and technical road map, additionally provided more certainty to our technical confidence in our Technology provider, as well as our supportive NEC Reseller in Egypt – AT&C’’ added Mr Hamed.

‘’The solutions presented during the event were very important and useful to the today’s organization needs‘’ mentioned one of the Cyprus customer present at the event.
‘’I would like to make a reference to a specific NEC product which is the desktop cloud computing.  Especially we found this particular solution extremely useful regarding the needs of our network.  Since our vision is to connect thousands of computers clients directly to the datacenter, in order to reduce the maintenance, hardware and all the rest of the running costs, we consider that the above mentioned solution can help us to achieve this goal.  Additionally, the fact that this solution can be deployed centrally in our Data Center it makes it even a more useful product’’ he continued.

For SEMEA region, the IT Platform Solutions of NEC organises frequently such events in order to keep its customers updated with regards to technology and market directions in their region. Similar events were organised recently in countries as Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Egypt, Kuwait and UAE and more are planned to be announced soon.

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