NEC’s latest PA series boast detail-rich imaging designed to cater even the most demanding professional graphic designers and photographers.

MIDDLE EAST, May 25, 2010: NEC Display Solutions has announced the latest addition to its PA series with the MultiSync® PA271W, its first 27-inch professional LCD, With professional 10-bit P-IPS* performance panel, NEC’s newest monitor boasts a generous resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.

 Also featuring a 3D LUT for colour space emulation, and 14-bit LUT** for smoothest colour control, the MultiSync® PA271W was designed for advanced graphics and video editing, for detail-rich imaging in medical contexts or for precision industrial applications.

“Professionals working with digital images or graphics need more than a display with decent image quality, they look for excellent colour fidelity and clarity.“ said Ian Gobey, the General Manager of NEC Display Solutions, Middle East. “The MultiSync® PA271W has been specifically optomized for work with colors and detail. With user-friendly controls and convient calibration features, it could definitely please even the most demanding digital artists.“

NEC’s MultiSync® PA271W has built-in colour space emulation modes such as sRGB, DCI, DICOM or REC-BT709 for outstanding performance with specialised applications. The MultiProfiler software can adapt these settings very conveniently from the PC as well as configure the programmable USB hub or the picture-in-picture function. The MultiProfiler software, supplied free of charge, facilitates user-friendly control of the display features.

The features of the PA271W are optimised for the needs of professional users, who are seeking the highest personal productivity with accurate, error-free image certainty. The integrated ambient light sensor automatically adapts the screen brightness to the existing lighting conditions, with the ergonomic stand offering 150mm height adjust and full pivot capability.

The large 16:9 format with 2560×1440 resolution offers a huge visual bandwidth for an unrivalled overview of important data and display information. The Backlight Ageing Correction function stabilises brightness as well as white point drift by compensating the natural ageing of the CCFL backlights. The DisplayPort digital interface supports higher bandwidths, facilitates unsurpassed colour depth and offers peace of mind with future proof technology.

The TCO 03 certificate confirms compliance with strict ecological and ergonomic standards and with arsenic-free LCD module manufacturing and use of post-consumer plastics in the cabinet proves that top benchmark performance with an environmentally responsible approach can be achieved.

*P-IPS = Performance In-Plane Switching, **LUT = Look-up table
Availability and Price
The NEC MultiSync® PA271W will be available, within the GCC, starting in June 2010 as black version only priced at ESP $2,500.00. The package supplied includes a power cable, one digital DVI-D and one DisplayPort signal cable, a manual and an installation and driver CD-ROM. NEC Display Solutions offers a three-year warranty including backlights.

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