Abu Dhabi, 28 March 2010: FVC, one of the leading Value Added Distributors across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), today began a four-city seminar on the “payment card industry data security standard” (PCI DSS).

The roadshow that begins in Abu Dhabi, will visit Dubai, Doha and
Bahrain during the course of the week. FVC has partnered with Encode
Middle East, a premier third-party, vendor-neutral security service

“PCI DSS applies to every organization that processes, transmits and/or
stores cardholder data,” said Dharmendra Parmar, General
Manager-Marketing at FVC. “With these seminars, we hope to share
information and tools that can help companies – mostly in the financial,
hospitality and retail sectors – to prepare to fulfil this

According to Parmar, complying with PCI DSS may prove to be a daunting
process, primarily due to the large set of security requirements, the
widespread implementation of security controls and the different
enforcement programs imposed by the payment brands.

Each half day event, supported by FVC’s vendor partners TippingPoint,
Barracuda, VASCO, and nCircle, will share factors concerning direct and
indirect financial losses like financial penalties, image depreciation,
operations disruption etc. along with its effect on deadlines and
compliance. The seminars will also examine operational and technical
information security initiatives to secure customer information; methods
of establishing a balance between costs of compliance and overall
benefits; and information on cutting edge security technologies that
provide rapid remediation on identified technological and procedural

For more information on these seminars, visit www.fvc.com/events

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