Latest protection and climate control LCD housing with optomized thermal management

Middle East, 17 March 2010:
NEC Display, one of the leading manufacturers of quality imaging solutions, announces its latest tailor-made protective housing for the P461 and X461HB LCD public displays – the NEC IP54* Cabinet

IP54 Certified by independent testing organisation SEMKO, the cabinet protects NEC large-format monitors from environmental influences while maintaining an optimum operating temperature. It is ideally suited for shopping centres and reception areas as well as partially weather protected locations such as, railway stations or airports. In combination with option slot products such as the Built-in PC and NEC Media Player, NEC Display Solutions supplies complete digital signage solutions.

Public displays are used in heavily frequented locations to reach as many people as possible, and in these situations they are often exposed to environmental influences. The NEC IP54 Cabinet protects high-value displays from contact, dust and splash water to ensure perfect functionality and readability in IP54 environments also known as semi outdoor installations. A powerful, maintenance-free and highly reliable climate control system based on Peltier elements keeps the display within an optimum temperature range at all times, providing cooling as well as heating.

“The use of public displays has come a long way. Its popularity for transit centers, bus shelters, museums, shopping malls and other well-populated areas continues to grow though they still remain exposed to harsh human and environmental elements that can easily wear out the display.” said Ian Gobey, General Manager of NEC Display Solutions Middle East. “The addition of the NEC IP54 Cabinet to our LCD housing range enables us to help owners protect their investment. Being IP54 certified, the NEC IP54 Cabinet ensures public displays are protected and able to withstand exposure to dust, water and outdoor elements.”

Thorough tests with various alternatives showed that the SEMKO-certified NEC IP54 Cabinet is the only solution that continuously warrants trouble-free operations. Therefore it has exclusively been approved by NEC Display Solutions. The protective housing for the P461 and X461HB displays is available in both landscape and portrait formats. Each version is optimized for the respective display in terms of thermal management. .The standard colour of the cabinet is white while other colours will be available upon request.

*Protection class indicating the suitability of electrical equipment for different environmental conditions: IP = ingress protection; 54 = complete protection from contact, dust and splash water

Availability and price
The NEC IP54 Cabinet is commercially available as from now. NEC Display Solutions Europe offers a three-year warranty.

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