Middle East – Mar. 4, 2010 – Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT) – a leading network security provider and worldwide leader of unified threat management (UTM) solutions – today introduced a secure wireless LAN strategy with a new enterprise-class FortiAP™ thin access point (AP) product line. The FortiAP-210 and FortiAP-220, which support the latest IEEE 802.11n standards, are designed to provide wireless networking capabilities for mid-enterprise and service-provider customers with a total user-base or distributed networks of 250-5,000 users.

The FortiAP line will work in conjunction with Fortinet’s FortiGate®
multi-threat security appliances, acting as the thin access-point
controller, to provide a single platform that combines high-performance
wireless networking with the industry’s broadest integrated network
protection. In addition, the FortiGate platform enables customers to
have a highly scalable infrastructure with the ability to manage a few
to several thousand access points within a wireless LAN.

Today, wireless LANs are as at risk, if not more so, than wired
networks. In fact, some of the recent high-profile hacking cases have
involved “drive-by” trolling of exposed wireless networks of retail
establishments, resulting in the theft of thousands of consumer credit
card accounts. In addition to mid-enterprise organizations and service
providers, retail industry customers will find the FortiAP/FortiGate
solution ideal for meeting PCI DSS Wireless Guidelines, which require
the detection of rogue wireless access points and intrusion prevention.

Until now, there have been few options for organizations that want to
protect both their wired and wireless LANs with the same network and
application security solution. The new FortiAP thin access points,
together with the FortiGate product line, enable an integrated threat
management schema for wireless networks in the same way that Fortinet
has been able to provide for wired networks. In fact, wireless traffic
needs more protection because it is a shared medium, which provides
greater opportunity for network risks such as data leakage, denial of
service attacks or the overuse of bandwidth causing network performance
degradation. The FortiAP/FortiGate architecture will tunnel all the
wireless traffic back to the UTM engine to undergo intrusion prevention
and cleansing, identity-aware policy, and Layer 7 application
prioritization to achieve a high-performing, “fortified” wireless LAN
infrastructure. In addition, FortiAP uses standards-based CAPWAP
(Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points) protocol for
connecting thin access points as compared to proprietary methods used
by competitors.
“Fortinet’s entry into the wireless LAN market gives current customers
a way to create converged wired and wireless networks with the same
powerful protection under a familiar, simplified and cost-effective
management platform with no additional controller investment,” said
Michael Xie, CTO and founder, Fortinet. “New customers will be able to
experience a high-performance, secure wireless LAN environment that
offers the broadest protection of any consolidated security offering on
the market. Overall, today’s FortiAP introduction is a key step in
Fortinet’s growth strategy to extend our security reach into broader
and deeper parts of the network.”
FortiAP Line-up/FortiGate Controllers
The FortiAP product line is the first manifestation of Fortinet’s
broader secure enterprise class WLAN strategy. As the initial products
in the FortiAP line, the single-radio/dual-band FortiAP-210 and the
dual-radio/dual-band FortiAP-220 offer reliable coverage, consistent
high performance, and competitive and high-value price points as
compared to similar products in their class. The FortiAP line can be
used to roll out wireless network access to employees, retail
locations, warehouses, point of sale locations or hot spots for guest

Key benefits of the FortiAP line:
•    Next-generation, fully 802.11n-compliant access point
•    High throughput with dual concurrent radio:  300 Mbps-600Mbps
•    Rich set of enterprise-class AP capability
•    Ideal for dense office, campus, branch office and retail
•    Dedicated radio for air monitor to protect against rogue APs for PCI compliance
•    Internal design conceals antenna to reduce chance of vandalism
•    Lower cost of deployment with integrated Power over Ethernet (POE)
•    Highest value at competitive price

All FortiGate appliances from the FortiGate-60 Series on up will be
able to act as controllers for the FortiAP, giving customers
flexibility and scalability to choose from the broadest range of
controllers offered by any single vendor. FortiGate appliances will
also be able to act as a single point of management for both wired and
wireless LANs. In addition to the existing broad security feature set
offered on FortiGate devices, the FortiGate access point controllers
will also include WLAN management and wireless IPS.

Each FortiGate platform is capable of delivering centralized management
of all access points and devices. From a single console, customers can
control network access, quickly and easily update policies, and help
monitor regulatory compliance.

FortiAP thin access points will begin shipping in Q3. Existing
customers with valid support agreements will be able to upgrade their
FortiGate operating system to act as an enterprise WLAN controller at
no additional charge.

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