Middle East, 27 January 2010:

"Following 2009, marked by the end of our heavy duty workstation business, NEC, in response to an international strategy, plans to pursue and develop its IT infrastructure activities in 2010.

Our high value added global solutions precisely meet the challenges of a market resolutely focused on the Data Centre and information technology convergence", declares Mr Tong Chhor, EMEA Executive Director at NEC.

2009: a strategy with an international reach

A subsidiary of the Japanese NEC group, founded more than a century ago, NEC Computers – or "EMEA IT PlatForm Division" for NEC Japan – is NEC’s IT hub for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. In line with the company’s international strategy, NEC abandoned its PC business in 2009 to focus on IT infrastructure.

With innovative technology which can be seamlessly integrated into client environments, NEC offers businesses personalised solutions, in particular in the areas of cost reduction, Information System security, Data Centres and Green IT.

“Innovation is in the company’s DNA, and has always been a core part of NEC’s strategy. We are among the companies with the largest number of patents in the world: 71,000. This continual capacity for innovation enables us to undertake an ambitious, far reaching project in the EMEA region” recalls Tong Chhor.

Located in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, among the key players in the blade server segment, NEC’s goal is to become one of the leaders in this market in Europe in the next 5 years.

2010: the year of development

Following 2009, marked by restructuring and consolidation, NEC has rationalised its solutions to only retain those which offer added value to the market place. With its catalogue of infrastructure solutions (servers, storage and software) and virtualised multimedia client workstations, NEC perfectly  meets market expectations in terms of high availability solutions, continuity of service and virtualisation.

“We have cutting edge solutions with a growing reputation. The businesses which have discovered us are impressed by the quality and performance of our solutions. Once tested, they are adopted!” declares Tong Chhor.

Following the Kyoto agreement, an international treaty aiming to reduce greenhouse gases, NEC has designed "green" products which are the envy of other manufacturers.

“Reducing energy consumption is of particular interest to companies operating in intensely competitive markets. Thanks to patented solutions such as NEC Eco Center – spearheading our Data Center solution – NEC works with organisations to support their GREEN IT policy. NEC Eco Center is a compact, easy to administer hardware platform suited to Cloud Computing using low electricity consumption processors and an aluminium chassis”, explains Tong Chhor.

Through different subsidiaries, including NEC Computers or "EMEA IT PlatForm Division", NEC is the only manufacturer today who is able to offer its clients complete, integrated solutions ranging from effective identification and security systems, through broadband telecommunications equipment, to powerful storage and archive systems.

Beyond the products manufactured by NEC and solutions developed in partnership with infrastructure software publishers or vertical business sectors, NEC is penetrating the SME-SMI and Major Account market place by continuing to develop its reseller and integrator network.

“Unlike other manufacturers, NEC’s sales policy is carried out 100% through the indirect channel”, reminds Tong Chhor.

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