Middle East,  17, January 2010 – Secure1st, a business security service and computer forensic solutions provider, has announced its new divisions to further increase the openness of the company’s products and services as it drives greater interoperability for partners and customers.

The announcement of Secure1st’s Enterprise and Consumer Division by Amir Pishyar, Managing Director for Secure1st, was initially made known public in an interview with CNBC Arabia on January 10, 2010. According to Pishyar, the company’s announcement reflects the significance of its growing clientele and the challenges associated with it.

“We are a fast growing company and we realize the challenges that are associated with fast growing firms thus we want to ensure that our rapid growth would not affect our customers.” said Pishyar.  “Our rapid growth could become confusing for the different levels of customer that we are dealing with, and on the other hand we know the fact that the needs of these two segments are extremely different from one other.  Thus in order to be able to address such needs more efficiently and establish the appropriate communication channels with both sectors we felt the need to separate the two segments.” he adds.

Secure1st Enterprise Division is aimed exclusively to law enforcement officials, for the police force, courts and forensic investigators. The company products such as the RedHawk, Ultimate Version of the Password Recovery Tool and EviPrime Version 2 falls under the Enterprise division as well as the number of Cyber Forensic Training courses.

As with the Consumer Division, Secure1st aims to reach a wider range of people of the general public. The Password Recovery Tool Advance Version and EviPrime Version 1 are the kind of products that fall into this new division. “The consumer division is really targeting a broad range of people.” said Pishyar, “from the CEOs and entrepreneurs who would like to protect their information against the troubles that disgruntled employees may cause for them, to the consultants and the students who often forget their password for various websites or email accounts.”

According to Pishyar, not all the products that fall in the company’s Consumer Division are designed for all sectors of the general public. “For example, a product like secure 1st password recovery advanced version is a product that can be used by anyone who is uses a computer whereas our EviPrime Version 1 is more suitable choice for the IT security consultants who want to prepare a IT Forensic report for their client.” he comments.

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