I wanted to honour the spirit of Ramadan and get our clients to help us support a charity while we networked with media. We also wanted to take this moment to say thank you to our friends in the media who have supported us and meet new media that we do not interact as often. So we hosted an Iftar evening with a pledge to donate AED 250 for every journalist that attended the event. The media turned up in their numbers. Very gratifying. The spirit of generosity is alive and well.

We were joined by 40 editors (including a couple of guests), a family of three and a representative from the SNF Children’s charity and 12 representatives from FVC, NEC Displays, Secure 1st, Red Hat, Opennet and Market Buzz. The Palace Old Town put on a great spread at the Ewaan restaurant and the level of service from the staff was excellent. The journalists and guests chatted, ate, networked and relaxed with no work pressure. It was hugely satisfying and we promise to do it again next year.

media_iftar_-_the_palace.jpg media_iftar_-_the_palace_6.jpg
media_iftar_-_the_palace_2.jpg media_iftar_-_the_palace_3.jpg
media_iftar_-_the_palace_7.jpg media_iftar_-_the_palace_9.jpg
media_iftar_-_the_palace_15.jpg media_iftar_-_the_palace_16.jpg
media_iftar_-_the_palace_12.jpg media_iftar_-_the_palace_1.jpg

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