Middle East, 8 September 2009 – NEC Display Solutions has announced the launch of its NEC MultiSync® P-Series monitors – the company’s new flagship models for the public displays sector. The NEC MultiSync® P401 and P461 displays are capable of reproducing content in Full HD quality with a resolution of 1920-by-1080 on commercial grade panels. Equipped with an ambient light sensor, the P-Series displays ensure optimised brightness and minimal power consumption.

“For the user, this means reduced energy consumption, as well as excellent reproduction quality for all digital signage applications,” explained Ian Gobey, the General Manager at NEC Display Solutions in the Middle East. “The displays offer an exceptional brightness of 700 cd/m2. For automatic brightness control, NEC offers an integrated ambient light sensor as well as an internal scheduler to control the displays’ operation, according to a given timetable. Together, these features allow the user to create an intelligent brightness control system to minimise the overall power consumption of the devices.”

For unparalleled reliability and longevity the displays are equipped with multistep overheating protection with user controllable fans. The new P-Series comes with a multitude of interfaces in order to ensure maximum connectivity. Besides the DVI and HDMI ports, the displays feature a DisplayPort interface. The integrated Ethernet port enables network connectivity and hence the remote management and control of the displays. It also allows a display to transmit early warning signals about possible faults or risks of potential overheating.

The RS-232 interface meanwhile, can be used without a PC directly from the display and facilitates the copying of settings from one display to all others within an installation. In large systems this helps to reduce the installation costs dramatically. The devices have been equipped with an NEC Option Slot for expansion modules, such as a built-in PC or a CAT5 board. These allow display content to be created and controlled in a particularly cost-effective manner. They replace external distribution devices and cables, thus simplifying installation and also improving the overall external appearance of the displays.

The NEC P-Series public displays are suitable for video walls of sizes of up to 10-by-10 displays, corresponding to an overall screen area of up to 60 m2. Optionally an external sensor kit can be connected for the simultaneous control of up to 100 displays. Each display in the wall can be individually controlled, whilst multiple displays can be grouped to enable rapid content changes for individual sub-areas of the video wall. Especially video wall applications may require switching back and forth between several input sources.

The MultiSync® P-Series features a “quick” setting that allows changing input sources rapidly (such as DVI to VGA in 0.36 sec vs. 2.1 sec at normal mode). The displays offer numerous possibilities for picture-in-picture representations using various signal sources. For the first time, it is now also possible to simultaneously reproduce content from two PCs via the DVI and VGA inputs. Practical and well-designed features increase the overall user-friendliness of the displays.

For instance, the on-screen display rotates by 90 degrees when the screen is operated in portrait mode. In addition, the user can assign individual, descriptive names to the different input ports of a device – such as “Camera1” instead of “DVI” – so as to make switching between different content sources easier.

Availability and Warranty
The NEC MultiSync® P401 and P461 will be commercially available from October 2009 in black or silver colours. NEC Display Solutions offers a three year warranty for its displays including backlights.

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