Middle East, September 02, 2009: NEC Display Solutions has expanded its range of projectors by introducing the NP3250 series of bright networkable projectors. The new NP1250, NP2250, NP3250 and NP3250W permanent installation modules fit seamlessly into Windows networks thanks to their extensive network functions. The stacking function of the projectors meanwhile, allows for up to four devices to be combined in order to form a very high and bright projection unit.

NEC supplies six optional lenses for the projectors, so they can be adapted flexibly to various installation situations, resulting in a huge range of applications in areas such as digital signage, conferences and exhibitions. The NP3250 series is the logical next step in NEC’s strategy of transforming projectors from pure output devices into intelligent control units on networks. The projectors are certified for Windows Vista and can be integrated via plug and play into LANs and WLANs without any additional software.

“No administrator rights are required to display the screen contents on a networked projector. Conversely, the remote desktop function allows XP or Vista PCs to be controlled from the projector. All the user needs is to simply connect a mouse and a keyboard to the projector,” explained Ian Gobey, the General Manager of NEC Display Solutions, Middle East. “The new NP Series projectors come packed with a brightness of up to 5,000 ANSI lumens. In situations where a very high luminosity is needed, for instance in bright rooms or large halls, the stacking function allows up to four devices to be used in combination.”

Included software calibrates the projectors with the aid of a standard USB camera in order to project a single image. The total brightness can then extend up to 20,000 ANSI lumens. This solution is cheaper, more flexible and more failure-proof than using one single high-performance projector. Alongside the standard lens, NEC supplies five optional interchangeable lenses to perfectly equip the projectors for all types of room or venue. Projection distances of between 90cm and 70m can then be catered for.

The vertical (+50%) and horizontal (+/-10%) lens-shift function ensures maximum flexibility. HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) gives all models outstanding image quality with maximised noise suppression and increased depth of field. A number of supported functions, such as image-in-image, side-by-side, DICOM simulation, the direct display of key image file formats and support for all common interfaces, make the NEC NP3250 series extremely versatile.

Availability and warranty
The NEC NP3250 series is now commercially available across the region. The projectors also accompany an IR remote control, a WLAN module and NEC projector user supportware (which also includes free stacking setup software). The devices come with a three-year on-site service, and a six month warranty for the projector lamp.

Further information can be found online at: www.nec-display-solutions.com.

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