Middle East, 29 July 2009: TagStone, a leading wireless technology business intelligence provider in the Middle East, has entered into an alliance partnership agreement with OATSystems, a recognized radio-frequency identification (RFID) solution leader in supply chain solutions.

TagStone and OATSystems will focus on supply chain and asset management applications in the oil & gas, aviation, and supply chain industries.

The partners are already well into their first project with a large oil company that has operations in oil, exploration, drilling, production, and export.  By implementing an RFID-enabled document management solution, the company is able to maintain accurate and real-time information about tens of thousands of operation based documents.

Prior to the deployment of the Tagstone/OATSystems solution, the company was manually entering document tracking information, which was error prone and not up-to-date. In addition, the document check-out and check-in processes were costly and time-consuming.  The new RFID-enabled solution, called ESearch, provides unique identification of documents, increased visibility, reduced cases of theft and loss, and faster document inventory recording at any point in time.  With handheld and fixed RFID readers at key locations as well as software to identify and track each RFID-tagged document, ESearch is able to interpret the identity and location of each document, detect documents leaving the corporate library without being properly checked out, check inventory of tagged documents on the shelf, and locate misplaced documents within the office environment.  This EPC-standard RFID solution has streamlined the oil company’s document management operations and measurably improved its efficiency.

Mike Meranda, TagStone’s CEO said, “In a region that is making quantum leaps with investments in the latest technologies in the key industries of oil & gas, aviation, and supply chain, Tagstone is very pleased to partner with one of the leaders in asset management. We have tested the advantages of the OATSystems framework and are confident that it provides our customers with the flexibility to deploy any combination of readers, edge controllers, premises, and enterprise services.”

“Our relationship with Tagstone will enable us to extend our industry-leading solutions to new geographies and new customers, and we look forward to jointly addressing many more customers’ needs.  This first regional project is an excellent  example of how real-time, actionable visibility can improve business operations and enhance efficiency quickly and easily,” said Prasad Putta, OATSystems’ general manager. 

OATSystems has created and maintained over a hundred plug-and-play applications ready for most common business uses.  The OAT Foundation Suite includes built-in adapters for automated importing of data, analytics and reporting, trend analysis, exception-level reports, track and trace, “best practice” scenarios, hardware support for a range of RFID devices, and device monitoring. It can take input from a large number of auto-identification technologies including RFID, GPS, and barcode, and seamlessly integrate it with existing ERP systems, providing comprehensive, real-time insight into enterprise operations.
Both OATSystems and TagStone bring world-class capabilities to the partnership.  OATSystems provides Auto ID-based software solutions that deliver real-time, actionable visibility to improve customers’ efficiency and profitability, while TagStone delivers integrated wireless technology systems that allow clients to create, share, and interpret data for better control and decision-making in their business.  Both companies’ capabilities extend across a variety of industries, including industrial manufacturing, oil and gas, retail, consumer product manufacturing, and government.

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