Social bookmarking systems are web-based services that allow users to bookmark all manner of web based resources, ‘tag‘ those resources with meaningful keywords, and share their bookmarks with others. Social bookmarking is especially important if you want to promote your business online. You really need to get into the routine of bookmarking any new content that you create on as many of them as you can. Over the last few years, they have become a major and incomparable tool for companies to enhance their Internet presence.

Get your own social bookmarking page on each of these sites that you can link to from your site or share with friends or readers. Email it to your readers once a week or once a month instead of a newsletter so they can keep up with your latest blog entries and Web site updates. Add all your favorite web sites to the page too so you can find them when you need them later.

Yes, of course! The popular micro-blogging site can also be used as a social bookmarking tool – albeit using third-party tools such as Krumlr, tinyurl, twitterfeed, delicious, and more.

Squidoo gives you the tools to make your own webpage within minutes. Resulting in an attractive, functional and powerful page, which can get your message, point or ideas across to your audience. It’s easy for a ‘newb’ to get started yet still packing enough power to fascinate an experienced website developer. It’s a vehicle in which you can deliver your ponderings, self written articles, thoughts, tutorials… whatever it is you wish to write. It is a platform from which you can categorise your interests, hobbies, favourites sites… even your other online pursuits. has two buttons you add to your browser. One is for seeing all the sites you have added to your list and the other is to add Web pages to your list. To add a page you click on the button, add a description and save. Create your own social bookmarking Web page on that you can share with your friends so they can see what your favorite Web sites are. Search through to see what Web pages other people are adding to their social bookmarking site and add links to your favorites. The more people that link to a Web page, the more popular it becomes.

Facebook is arguably the top social networking site in the world. And now, it features social bookmarking features, too. Of course, isn’t calling it “social bookmarking”, they’re calling it “Sharing.” There’s now a “My Shares” link in the left-hand sidebar, and there’s little “Share” buttons all over the site – next to photos, people’s profiles, and items other people have shared. When you share an item you can choose to put it on your profile or share it with specific people, or both.

Diigo (previously known as Furl It) has a button you can add to your bookmarks so when you come across a page you like you can immediately add it to your Diigo list. The more people that add a Web site to their Diigo social bookmarking site the more popular the Web page becomes. Share your Diigo social bookmarking site with your friends and see what other people are adding to their Diigo site.


No buttons to add. Just go to Digg and click on “Submit a Story”. Then add the title and a description for the news story or blog entry you want to add a link too. Digg links are mostly in the categories of news, technology, gaming and entertainment. Now people can vote on your entries by digging them.

Stumble Upon
When you sign up for Stumble Upon you will be asked to add their toolbar. Then you need to choose from different categories that you like. Stumble upon will start sending you to Web pages. You can give each Web page you visit a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

No buttons or toolbars to add. To add a page you like just click on the “Submit” link in the top right hand corner of the page. Browse Reddit to find other pages you like and save them to your favorites too. Then share your saved page with others.

Add the little link to your bookmarks or favorites on your browser. Then when you want to add a Web page to Slashdot all you have to do is click on the link and fill out the form. You can write a blog entry about the Web page or just add a description and submit it.

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