NEC Display Solutions has announced the launch of three newly improved designs for its successful built-in PCs. The new integrated PCs, which consume less power, have been optimised for better performance and can be connected to the Option Slot of NEC public displays. Built-in PCs are particularly ideal for use in airports, train stations, retail outlets, and within smaller presentation areas.

This is because the PCs can be installed without the need for any cabling, and can operate independently. Alongside a new Intel® Celeron™ 1.2 processor-based model for use in light retail signage applications, NEC Display Solutions also offers a high end model running Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 1.86 processor, which offers improved graphics performance. In addition, the company is also offering an Intel® Atom™ processor with SSD (solid-state disk), for use in light signage applications and is targeted at the transport sector.
All three new models support full-HD resolution, and run on Windows XP Embedded operating system, while also being Linux-friendly. Power consumption has been significantly reduced as compared with the previous models, and is less than 1/10th of a desktop PC in size. The model featuring the Intel® Atom™ CPU doesn’t even require active cooling, thus improving the life of the integrated PC. Better energy efficiency can also be achieved by switching off the displays for nightly updates, whilst keeping the built-in PC running.
Speaking about the newly launched products, Ian Gobey, the General Manager of NEC Display Solutions Middle East, said, “The market for digital signage at airports, bus stations, train stations, retail outlets and so on, has expanded rapidly within recent years, as operators realise that they can generate additional revenue streams by selling such advertising packages. In addition, operators are also using in-vehicle digital signage in trains, busses, taxis, and so on, to entertain passengers, display route information (such as time to destination) or convey branding/marketing messages relating to the carrier.”
According to Gobey, the regional digital signage industry will benefit from these integrated PCs, because they will be able to build an attractive platform for delivering vivid advertising and informational messages. The new NEC built-in PCs offer numerous connection options. Three USB 2.0 ports ensure the option of connecting PC peripherals, while access to intranets and the internet is enabled by the integrated Gigabit Ethernet port. The ExpressCard slot also offers the possibility of accessing UMTS, WLAN or DVB-T, while a second LCD display can be connected to the DVI-I output port.
The NEC built-in PCs are available from August 2009 for various NEC public displays such as MULTEOS M40 and MULTEOS M46, NEC MultiSync® LCD4020, MultiSync® LCD4620 and MultiSync® LCD5220, NEC MultiSync® LCD6520, NEC MultiSync® X461UN and NEC MultiSync® X461HB. Included in the NEC built-in PC package is the Windows XP Embedded (XPe) operating system. NEC Display Solutions offers a three-year guarantee for the respective public display as well as for the built-in PC.

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