NEC Display Solutions has announced a technical enhancement to its NC2500S digital cinema projectors that increases brightness by up to 33 percent. This allows for 3D movies to be viewed on bigger screens and in larger venues than before. 3D content will be able to utilise the full 2K resolution of the 1.2-inch DMD from Texas Instruments using triple flash technology for smooth motion.

“The NC2500S is by far the world’s brightest DLP projector designed for multiplexes with large screens of up to 30 metres in width,” said Ian Gobey, the General Manager for NEC Displays in the Middle East. “Delivering precise 2K (2048 x 1080) resolution and high contrast images (2000:1), the NC2500S digital cinema projector is easy to operate, extremely user friendly, and requires minimal maintenance.”
Gobey further added that NEC is the only manufacturer to offer this technology leap for new projectors as well as for existing installations. “3D continues to be the leading impetus in the shift to digital cinema and NEC’s technology is making what could be a challenging scenario, easier and more manageable,” emphasised Gobey. “At NEC Display, we set a high value on providing investment protection for our customers. With this technical upgrade in the NC2500S, we are championing the movement toward digital cinema.”

At least 5000 3D systems are expected to be in place by 2009, and production houses such as DreamWorks Animation expect to release over 18 3D feature films by 2010. “3D is clearly the future of cinema, at least for the near future. These movies require projectors with considerably higher brightness. With our top class projectors more moviegoers will be able to enjoy best quality screenings of motion pictures such as Ice Age 3, Avatar, or Shrek 4 as a 3D experience,” Gobey concluded.

About NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH
NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH has its European headquarters in Munich, Germany and is responsible for all business activities in EMEA, divided into the four sales regions Northern Europe, Western and Southern Europe, Central Europe, Eastern and South-East Europe with Middle East/Africa. NEC Display Solutions benefits from the technological know-how and technologies of the NEC Corporation and, with its own Research and Development, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers offering the widest product range of display solutions in the market.
The display product portfolio ranges from entry-level to professional and speciality desktop LCDs, via large-size Public Displays for Digital and Retail Signage. The Projector range offers products for all needs, from portable devices via business projectors to products for permanent operation (such as PoS applications) and digital cinema projectors. Managing Director of the European head office is Bernd Eberhardt.

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